The end of sitting on your end

Shudder. Shudder. Shudder.


The research reads like a Surgeon General’s warning: Prolonged periods of sitting can lead to obesity, heart disease, blood clots and spinal compression, according to the latest medical studies.

To combat this modern office horror, an artist and an architecture firm from the Netherlands have re-imagined the office with all the chairs pulled out from under us. The exhibit, called The End of Sitting, is a geometric landscape of surfaces of varying heights on which to lean.

Standing room only: Startup office of the future promises ‘end of sitting’ – David Pierini, Cult of Mac (3 December 2014)

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I’m listening. The case for a comfy chair

By reserving his desk for work, and his comfy chair for leisure, Jack was able to create a new habit. Knowing that, should he want to check his emails or Twitter, he’d have to move across the room, gave Jack that little push he needed to stay at his desk a bit longer and get things done.

Workplace Hack: The Distraction Chair – Kylie Whitehead, Contactzilla (26 November 2014)

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