What do you give people?

I was asked this recently: if someone hires you, what exactly do they get? With my British writer self-deprecating depressive-paralysis brain, I immediately replied 120 words per minute typing.

The person asking looked at me pretty much exactly the same way you are now. And she pressed. You’re freelance, you’re a business, tell me exactly why anyone should hire you and what it is that they get from you.

As you read this, I am off in a coffee shop giving her my answer. I may or may not let you know if she looks at me like that again, but here’s what I concluded after soul- and testimonial-searching:

Lively, engaging, inspiring action. Complex issues made not just simple but something you can act on. Very sparky writing with life and verve. Enthusiasm and practical, real-world experience with a newsy approach.

It kills me saying that to you and I’ve got to stop finding it so hard. In between the knife wounds, though, it has helped me vocalising what I do. Trying to vocalise it concisely. Trying to find an actual value for other people in all these things I do that I so love doing. Frankly also searching through testimonials and paraphrasing.

Maybe it’s that last bit that has helped me and that I think it will help you: when what you do works, when what you do helps people, I do think that’s the second best feeling in the world. Understanding, comprehending, accepting that your work has helped people, that’s probably the best. I’ll let you know when I get there.

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