Using Safari because it’s there

Safari is the default web browser on Macs and some people hate it. That’s fine, off you pop to Firefox or Chrome – and actually, I go to those two when I need something Safari doesn’t do.

Yet for us what matters the most in Safari is that we don’t think about it much: we’re more focused on the websites we’re reading than the tool we’re using to read them. Safari gets out of the way for us and we like that.

So we like Safari, some of us are sick of Firefox’s incessant updates and Chrome may be fast but it needs to be because you get less time before your battery is dead. Yet still it is true: we live with Safari and we have flings with Firefox and Chrome.

Living With: Safari – William Gallagher, MacNN (24 June 2015)

I wrote that as part of a longer feature on MacNN and it’s proved surprisingly, unexpectedly popular. The fashion today is to use Chrome, the fashion yesterday was Firefox, but I just get on with what I’m doing. Read the full piece.

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