Get out now – when to quit and leave and burn

There is an idea that we have to keep at things, that if we give up now then we’ve wasted all this time and we were so close to doing whatever it was. That’s true often enough to be a problem, but sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, it’s bollocks.

When it’s bollocks, end it.

The end of something, when unrushed and deliberate, is a time for celebration as well as closure. It’s an opportunity to reflect back on everything that’s happened, good and bad, and how it’s affected you. The end is a chance to tell the project’s whole story, a chance for the community you built to celebrate how they came together in the first place, and for everyone to exchange contact information and pack up their things. It’s a time to say goodbye and thank you, and then look ahead.

Your Project Deserves a Good Death – Christina Xu, Medium (19 May 2015)

Xu defines several ways that projects come to an end, from kind of withering away out of your mind to crashing and burning, and gives most of them film-related names. That could be cute but it works: you remember what the Titanic version is and you’re intrigued by the Evil Stepmother one.

Do have a read of her full piece on Medium.

Via 99U.

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