Weekend read: Get better freelance work

I just liked this: it’s a pragmatic approach to steadily improving the quality and the quantity of work you get as a freelancer. I’ve been lurching about a lot lately, taking on fun things because they were fun and ignoring that they wouldn’t pay off until next year, so I need to balance that out with shorter term things. This article won’t solve the world, but it’s a good start.

Here’s a simple example from it about the scary part of asking for more money:

Approach your renegotiation one of two ways: either quantify how your workload has increased or how you’ve become more valuable to the client (if you’ve transitioned from an occasional writer to a regular contributor, for example), or simply say, “As we approach the next calendar year, I’m having conversations with all of my clients about my rates.”

Ask a Freelancer: To Get Better Gigs, What Should I Do This Week? This Month? This Year? – Nicole Dieker, Contently (9 June 2015)

Read Dieker’s full piece.

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