The glass is half-inched

I was asked this week if I were as positive as my emails sound. I don’t know. But also I haven’t thought about it because the guy then said my emailers amused him. That made my day.

But whether I am at heart positive or not, some folk are and they have things to tell you and I about bad times:

It may sometimes take a while before I find an optimistic thread of thought but these three habits usually help me to do it.

1. Ask yourself questions that let you see the optimistic viewpoint.

When I’m in what seems like a negative situation my most common way of making something better out of that is to ask myself questions that promote optimism and helps me to find solutions.

Questions like:

What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation? What is one thing I can learn from this situation?
What is one opportunity within this situation?

full piece for the other two. I’m not teasing: I don’t want to steal someone’s piece, I just want you to see enough to judge whether it’s worth your pressing on.

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