Pretty picture: The Real Cost of Productivity

Actually it’s an infographic. It’s a big infographic, or maybe I just mean loooong. Here’s how it begins:
It’s by a firm called SignNow and it goes on and on and on. Take a gawp at the full thing on this page about it from

And here’s how Todoist begins describing it:

We all know that wasted time costs companies money, but what isn’t always clear is exactly how much. That’s why we were interested in reviewing this newly released infographic sent to us and created by eSignature brand SignNow, which specifies exactly how much money and time are wasted by some common distractions, diversions, and interruptions. There are some pretty surprising numbers, including:

Executives average 23 hours per week in meetings, of which 7.8 hours are unnecessary and poorly run– a total of 2.3 months wasted per year.
The search for lost and misplaced materials accounts for nearly 38 hours per week, per employee. Annually this amounts to a full working week!
64% of employees visit non-work related websites every day at work
The full range of statistics compiled by SignNow may shock you, but there are many things you can do to help reduce these costs and stay productive, such as:

The Real Cost of Productivity and How it Affects You – David Trey, (14 October 2014)

Even if you just scroll down through it, it’s worth a look.

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