Small but gorgeously formed: OmniFocus gets Extensions

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, just look at this:


One of the good things about OmniFocus is that you don’t tend to spend all day in it. You don’t go in, look at your next task, do it and then pop back for the next. It’s like you stock up your head with the things you need to do today and then you toddle off. But it’s handy to be able to check quickly and that’s what is going on there.

That’s the notification screen you get from swiping down on an iPhone. You can swipe down without unlocking the phone so it’s pick up phone, one swipe, read your OmniFocus tasks, done.

This Today view, as Apple calls it, has been around since at least iOS 7 but I can’t be certain when it started because I use it so rarely that I’ve forgotten. This is going to change now.

More details on The Omni Group blog.

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