Launching today: OmniGraffle 2 for iPad

Seriously, every time I see the name I wonder what Graffle means. I’m not certain I can really explain what the app does, I think it’s the kind of software that you know when you need it – and then when you use it, you understand why it’s so acclaimed. But here’s the official description:

OmniGraffle can help you build anything — from a rough draft of a new app idea to a gorgeous presentation for executives’ eyes. Create impressive, best-in-show Graffle documents with mounds of useful gizmos and gadgets inside the app. Use layers and canvases, shapes, lines, pictures; anything to get your point across.

OmniGraffle. Diagramming worth a thousand words – The Omni Group

I don’t have it and I’ve not used it.

I just tend to be rather pro Omni apps because of how extremely good OmniOutliner and superbly extremely good OmniFocus is. I also like their OmniPresence, though partly just because I love the name.

Take a look at The Omni Blog, though, for details of the new OmniGraffle 2 for iPad which launches as soon as iOS 8 does. If it is to diagramming what OmniOutliner is to outlining and especially that OmniFocus is to task management – and if you need to make diagrams – then it’s probably right up there in the must-buy category.

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