Where to watch today’s Apple event

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 13.05.49Short answer: www.apple.com

Slightly longer answer: http://www.apple.com

Slightly longer and a little more useful answer: it used to be that Apple would post videos a few hours after the event but now they stream it live.

This has somewhat scuttled the many news sites and unofficial Apple ones which still post second-by-second typed updates live from the venue. Think of that as a really specific single-topic Twitter and, naturally, there’s at least a lot of the same updates going on the real Twitter too.

In the years of watching these things, I never did find one such source that I could recommend. Some typed faster than others, that was good, and some had websites that updated automatically instead of your having to hit Refresh all the time. But still, I would end up with two such text feeds rolling up the screen while I wondered what in the world it is that gets me so interested. I suppose there are people who study football results so maybe it’s that we all have a natural capacity for minutiae.

Or maybe it’s just men.

Anyway, fun is fun, so whyever this appeals, let it appeal at 6pm UK time on apple.com

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