Another iPad mind-mapping app on sale (briefly)

Yesterday I told you of how iThoughts is on sale and also said:

It looks to me as if there are really two contenders in mindmaps for iPad. I have one – MindNode – and the other is iThoughts.

Mindmapping iOS software iThoughts on sale (briefly) – William Gallagher, The Blank Screen (5 September 2014)

Today another one goes on sale – and this one goes down to free. Dream-X isn’t as slick as the others: it’s variously spelt Dream-X and Dream X, for instance, and while it is very good at having tutorial videos built right into the software, they’re a bit fuzzy. You can only get the mind maps out of it via an image: you can’t export in a way that other applications can pick up.

Specifically, you can’t export in OPML which means you can’t take the image and have it be read by a To Do app or project manager.

But you may not want that at all, you may prefer keeping a map as a map. And Dream-X lets you explore the whole idea of mindmaps. If you’re musing about mindmaps or know what they are and just aren’t sure whether they’re for you, give Dream-X a go.

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