End of the Summer

I refuse to accept that it is already autumn – or the Fall, I love that Americans call it the Fall, it’s such a perfect poetic word for it – and instead I am going to insist to you that this is really an album recommendation.

It is. End of the Summer is a Dar Williams album and I love it. I remember buying it on CD in Tower Records in London. I don’t think the store is even there now.

But while you’re listening to it, I admit there might be some people who might think that this might be the end of the summer, a bit. And these people have opinions about what you should do about it:

After a summer holiday slipping back into work mode can be a challenge.

Being greeted by an overflowing inbox and a hectic meeting schedule may cause you to suffer from the back-to-work blues, making it difficult to focus on that mountain of work in front of you. Business coach Robyn McLeod, says succumbing to the pressure to speed back into work can undo any benefits you may have received from taking a break.

Follow these tips to re-integrate to work after your holiday and avoid the post-vacation hangover

Summer Vacation is Officially Over, How to Ease Back into Work – Lisa Evans, Fast Company (2 September 2014)

The tips centre on taking time before you go on holiday to plan what you’ll do when you come back. Block out time the first day to talk to people, catch up on what you’ve missed and handle your email better.

Read Evans’s full feature for some practical, good steps.

And then listen to Dar Williams.

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