Android productivity recommendations

I’m a dog with a bone on this one: I may not be an Android user but I am determined to find you productivity apps that are as useful as the ones I have on iPhone. And now TechJuice has stepped up to the plate with recommendations for 10.

As ever seems the case with Android articles, I think there’s some padding there. It’s got two note taking apps, two To Do apps and alongside Dropbox there is the Dropbox-like Google Drive. Plus there’s a strong recommendation for AirDroid, an app that lets you send texts from your computer via your phone. Seriously? That needs an app? You do keep being told Android can do everything, until you want to do anything.

Last, there’s a recommendation for a word processor with the proviso that it isn’t very good but has potential.

So I make that about 7 recommendations instead of 10:

Evernote and Google Keep
Wunderlist and
Dropbox and Google Drive
Quip collaborative word processor

Do understand that I’m down on the list rather than necessarily on any of the things in it: I use Evernote and Dropbox practically hourly so I urge you to try those.

Read a more positive take on all this on TechJuice’s original article.

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