One Woman, One Website

I would like this because it fits how strongly I believe you should get on with one thing at a time:

I see a lot of abandoned websites out there in the world. What a turnoff to go to your website and see you haven’t blogged since 2012 or updated your copyright date either. Have you lost interest? If you’ve lost the love for that website and that business, why will anyone else love it? What a waste!

And yet you don’t want to let it go. I get that. You’ve put time and money into it way back and you have a sense that there’s potential in it for you. One day. And so you keep it on your project list but you haven’t got time to attend to it properly or give it the love it deserves right now and that fact alone is emotionally draining.
And you’ve got one of those for every business idea you’ve ever had but you’ve not made any decent money from any of the businesses or websites because you haven’t got enough time or focus to do that project justice.


One thing at a time, Sweet Jesus.

That’s the solution. It’s a horse race. Pick the one you believe will win and put all your time and energy into that one. Either your favourite or the favourite you will back to win the money race, the one which will get you into financial integrity. Make the others your hobbies in your leisure time, if you must, but please but your 9-5 business focus on the front-runner.

One Woman One Website – Judith Morgan, 7 February 2014

Morgan does often point out that she’s talking to men as well as women but the interesting thing for me is how much I agree with her about abandoned sites. If I’m working with you or need to pitch, I will check out your website and it does tell a tale if you haven’t updated it in years. This is one reason why a blog is a particularly good tool: just regularly writing a new blog post makes your whole site feel fresh because it’s get new material all the time.

She has other points about how and why to concentrate like this, do check out her full piece.

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