Five ways to start your day right

The always excellent site Asian Efficiency – I've followed their OmniFocus advice before – has some pointers about getting started off well:

Picture this: you show up at the office and think, “now what?” Unless you have a meeting, are working towards a deadline, or have something on your mind that morning, your first inclination may be to peek into your email inbox and see what wonders (work!) they day might hold. This is perfectly normal.

Starting your morning with email however, is not how we start our workdays the right way.

Neuro-research shows that, for most people, the morning is the best time for creative thinking, learning, and comprehension.

If you want to make the most out of each morning’s peak brain power, you need to create and set a routine that will allow you to get your most important work done first.

5 Powerful Ways for Starting Your Workday Right – Asian Efficiency

I'm disappointed that they don't link to the research they mention but the full five things to do are all good. They include tackling your most difficult tasks first and planning breaks. For more detail and the three other thing so do read the full article.

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