Travel Bits

As part of coping with email, The Blank Screen advocates having just an inbox, an archive and a Follow-Up mailbox. I do this. Except I also have a Travel Bits mailbox.

It’s called that because I set it up years ago in order to handle all the train and plane and coach tickets I have to use. Over time, it’s also become where I keep theatre tickets.

These days all significant travel, every journey that would warrant keeping details for, is kept in TripIt. (It’s When an App Fails that you Realise How Much you Like It – 14 May 2014.)

Yet I still move ticket emails to Travel Bits. That’s because some services like National Express seem to get a bit twitchy when you try anything but their own layout. Points to them for having e-tickets and allowing you to wave a phone at them, but it would be nice to just rattle off a serial number straight out of TripIt.

I’ve yet to find a good spot for theatre or any event tickets, though. Any ideas? I use EventBrite for some things, Passbook for others, but my trust Travel Bits mailbox for everything.

If you know a kind of TripIt for events, please do tip me off.

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