What, even Sundays? Do something every day

Getting up, for one. Probably eating. Exercise if necessary. But then also at least something, just something of whatever you're working on:

NO ZERO DAYS. A zero day is the day when you don’t do a single thing towards your goal.

Its 11.58pm and feel like you didn’t do anything? Do that one pushup. Write that sentence. Read one page.

You may say its not much but hey, its not a zero. 1 is much much better than a zero. Zero is your enemy. Fight it, ruthlessly.


It's similar to the Jerry Seinfeld Technique (now famously denied by Seinfeld who says he has no idea where it came from or why it's named after him) and it's similar to my own Bad Days advice. So that's three people or three entire philosophies in agreement: can it possibly be wrong?

Nod to Lifehacker for reading Limitless

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