That was April 2014

Previously… I used to have someone I would account to for what I’d done in the month and it helped me enormously. Now I’ve got you. As I always said to them, you don’t need to read this but I need to write it. Knowing that I am going to tell you these things means that I do more things. So thanks.

Writing/editing: 56,00 words
Magazine tutorial feature: circa 800 words
Approximately 12,000 words novel
Thirty-minute stage play “Murder at Burton Library”
The Blank Screen: 79 news posts totalling approximately 33,000 words
Self Distract: 4 posts totalling approximately 5,000 words


Successful: 3 (1 accidental, 1 face to face, 1 ongoing)

Press and Publicity:
Stonking review in Doctor Who Monthly: “Seductively gripping”
From Croydon to Gallifrey podcast interview aired
Newspaper coffee shop meeting

17 (target was 30)

Royal Television Society committee meeting
On The High Road by Chekhov, Rada Theatre
Open Door: Bold Text at the Birmingham Rep
Had my first publisher’s stand at the Birmingham Independent Book Fair
Meet the Agents Writers’ Guild event
Writing West Midlands meeting re Young Writers

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