Signing autographs on Saturday

I mean, yes, the actual news is that there’s a Doctor Who event in London this weekend. And of course big news is that Big FInish is announcing the new companion for the Colin Baker Doctor Who stories.

Then the kicker, the real detail alongside the news, is that this all takes place during a gigantic sale of Big Finish audios that is going to entirely consume what they paid me to write for them.

But that’s what I’m focusing on. Only with you, okay? Only because you understand. Forget news, forget Colin Baker, forget new companion, forget bargains: I am signing autographs at this event.

In theory, anyway. It rather depends on anyone wanting my autograph. So you may find I go very quiet about it on here afterwards.

If you’re going anyway, if you’re now tempted by the news and the bargains, it would be a treat to see you there. I’ll even sign anything you like, bar cheques.

Full and proper details of everything are on the organisers’ official site.


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