In Treatment: the Movie and other (Red) stories

Nuts to me, my writing, even to the brilliance of Red Planet and the single most energising, invigorating, exhilarating day in my scribbling career to date (I may be underselling that). Instead, look at this gorgeous, glorious thing.

In Treatment is being screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival this year. Just the first week’s worth, five episodes, but I guarantee any TV exec there will be on the phone trying to buy the rest the moment they’ve seen them. And I can be confident of this not only because of me, because of how utterly compelled I was by them, but because of HBO. The episodes being shown here are the first sessions with each of the characters in the show’s first season and the whole week was shot as a five-part pilot for the US cable channel.
They paid for those five and on seeing them ordered up another 37. That’s as addicted as I was, plus I only spent the price of the DVD.
I am a puppy, running up to you with this news. I am bouncing with it. Is there anything better than finding a show that so invades your life, so lifts you up and so stretches you?
Writing one.
Which brings me back to Red Planet and how I should be going back to writing my writings, doing my doings, right now. But Jonathan Melville just told me this In Treatment news and I had to tell you. Wonder if I can get to Edinburgh?

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