My first theatre poster – updated

It’s quite a moment. As I’ve told you often enough now – you’re very patient with me, thank you – my Innocence play is being staged 25-27 September at the Rose Theatre, Kidderminster. But now, for the very first time in my career, here’s the poster:

Click it for a larger version. The theatre’s website has details of both plays in this double bill and, go on, you know you’re wondering about the other one. “Married to the Moby” by Martin Drury. Details of both are right here where you can also buy tickets.

I really enjoyed writing that last bit. Buy early, buy often!


4 thoughts on “My first theatre poster – updated

  1. Stop it. It was a mistake, they’ve apologised for it and are correcting it in the programme.

    Hey! I get a programme too! And I’m supposed to give them a 250-word biog to go in it.

    I’d ask for any suggestions about things I could say, except that I’m not that daft.


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