“Feel-good nihilism”

Wouldn’t you put that on a theatre poster immediately? “Feel-good nihilism – Faber & Faber”.

Actually, I think it was this nice man from Faber but it could’ve been the National Theatre. Ah, who doesn’t get those mixed up? After my play, I got to talk to a sea of faces in an interview, people I’ve admired, people I’m daunted by and most of all people who were nine people, a sea of nine people. When you walk in expecting three, and when you’re nervous of three, facing nine in a circle doesn’t help.

But they were great. I was so disappointed when my time was up and we had to stop talking.

Though I think now I should stop typing. I’m not being the clearest man in the world, am I? But I wanted to tell you that this day was spectacular. I wish you could’ve been there, I’m rocked that I was. I’ve just been sitting in a theatre with an audience laughing at my jokes.

Be careful what you wish for, because it’s fantastic.

Thanks for all the encouragement,

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