Idles of March

And with the last ‘un now submitted, my one-writing-pitch-a-day March is over.

I’ve still got eighteen to hear back from but otherwise the month went thisaway:

34 pitches
10 of this thing I don’t want to say
8 contests
7 project proposals
6 writing samples
4 rewritten scripts
4 new internet radio scripts
2 newly written short scripts
2 bad mistakes
2 meetings
1 theatre workshop

But the headlines must be:

4 rejections


10 leads (basically yes, all 10 for further work or pitching invitations)


6 thoughts on “Idles of March

  1. Much appreciated, thank you. Not least because this turned out to be much like school exams: you think you’re going to feel fantastic when it’s done yet in the end it seems a bit of an anti-climax.

    One of the meetings I had was with my literary agent, though, and from the runes beforehand I’d thought it’d be a two-minute courtesy chat that boiled down to how he hated the new book. But instead it was rather encouraging and my new plan is to spend April working on that, then for May I’ll go back to the one thing a day scriptwriting lark.

    Except that I mustn’t forget I’ve got some shrapnel from March: all those leads that I should follow up. And I may – whisper it – take a holiday in May.



  2. Sendy-outy. I did find I sometimes put off the scriptwriting because I was zonked from finding-and-pitchin’, but oftentimes I’d do both.

    Besides, two of my March ones were comps that required entirely new scripts – albeit very short ones – and that kept me going.

    Am back to feeling a bit lame today, mind. I’ve been thinking about my book, but that’s a lot more nebulous a daily activity than Posted/Emailed/Phoned/Met and I itch to tick days off with authority.


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