Not so much a review, more a therapy session


Purely because there are so many nice new people on the list this week, this is an earlier than usual note about an earlier than usual edition of UK DVD Review.

It has nothing to do with how the moment I hit send to you, I’m out the door and driving to the Lake District. I’d ask you to come, you know that, but this is my wedding anniversary, you understand.

But I can take up your entire weekend and well into next week with all the excellent DVDs that are now out, though this does make me wonder why I spend the greatest part of this week’s show jabbering on about a film that doesn’t work. There’s this film, right, and it’s actually possible that I am the only man in the UK who’s seen it. Not very, very probable, but actually possible. And I want to talk it through with you, less like a review, more like a therapy session.

The week’s other releases are much more straightforward: you’ve got one brilliant TV series that happens to be rubbish too, one comicbook film that doesn’t do anything for me but everybody else loves it, and one superb Hollywood star in one blink-and-you’ll-wish-you’d-missed-it thriller.

And this week’s One Year Ago Today DVD release is a cheat. Total cheat. I could justify it, but it’d be a rationalisation and I feel we’re beyond that. So I tell you, I’ve got an excuse to play you a bit of a film I adore and I’m going to take it.

Have a listen over the iTunes Music Store or nip straight to here:

Gotta go, Angela’s revving the engine. Have a good week,

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