Under-promise and over-deliver

This is from last year but it’s a goodie from Lifehacker: it’s advice for freelancers about time management. Each section has a good summary of the issue and then links out to much more detailed Lifehacker articles. Here’s my favourite:

Picking the right projects and charging what you’re worth are the foundation for your life as a freelancer. The other main part is simply scheduling.

We’ve recently posted tips for how to better estimate time for projects, but you might want to double that time estimate or at least add some “buffer time”… That extra time is especially important when you’re tackling a new project area or it involves something highly susceptible to Murphy’s Law (e.g., when writing an article about upgrading a computer—everything will go wrong, trust me).

The more generous you are with estimating your time, the better you’ll be able to follow through on your commitments and follow the golden rule in business: Under-promise and over-deliver.

The Freelancer’s Guide to Time Management – Melanie Pinola, Lifehacker (28 August 2014)

Read the full piece.

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